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Dialogues Using the Present Perfect Tense

This post will show some dialogues highlighting when the present perfect simple is used. While reading think about the different ways we use the present perfect simple.
Dialogue 1
Paul: Hello Sara, nice to meet you.
Sara: Nice to meet you too.
Paul: How long have you studied here?
Sara: I’ve studied here for three years, and you?
Paul: Two years.
Dialogue 2
David: Have you ever eaten Thai food?
John: Yes, I’ve had it a few times. What about you?
David: I’ve never tried it.
Dialogue 3
Lisa: I have some news.
Mark: What is it?
Lisa: I’ve bought a new bike!
Dialogue 4
Tom: Have you seen Henry recently?
Alejandro: No. Have you?
Tom: I haven’t seen him since the summer.
Dialogue 5
Ed: Has she arrived yet?
Fran: No she still hasn’t arrived.
Dialogue 1  – Actions that continue in the present.
Dialogue 2 – Past Experiences.
Dialogue 3 – New information / change.
Dialogue 4 – Actions that continue in the present.
Dialogue 5 – Uncompleted actions.

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